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      2. 新聞動態


        Urumqi Security Company: Security Responsibilities
        Security, referring to the protection of public order, is a professional type of work, secondary responsibility for fire prevention, theft prevention, personal safety in the area of responsibility. Through the implementation of security personnel's tasks to ensure that the security in the fixed area, the normal order of tasks, order of public order, preparedness is already in place.
        中國國際的保安從業人員須恪守中華人民共和國法律、其他中央性法規。從我做起,嚴管自我,作風正派,以身作則,處事公正,對任務要有高度的責任感,不玩忽職守。嚴厲執行下級指導的指令,堅決完成義務且執行到位。嚴厲恪守相關紀律,如有違背:按《保安違章處分管理條例》處分。特殊成績 、突發事情、第一工夫立即上報,竭力配合下級 機關單位及時處置 ,全力協調所在責任區域有關部門任務。真實精確提供有關資料,要把成績事情消弭控制在萌芽形態。
        China's international security practitioners must abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China and other central regulations. Starting from me, we should be strict with ourselves, have a decent style, set an example, act fairly, have a high sense of responsibility for the task, and do not neglect our duties. Strictly implement the instructions directed by the lower level, resolutely fulfill the obligations and implement them in place. Strictly abide by the relevant disciplines, if any violation: according to the "Security Violations Management Regulations" punishment. Special achievements, emergencies and the first time to report immediately, make every effort to cooperate with lower organs and units to deal with them in a timely manner, and fully coordinate the tasks of the relevant departments in the responsible areas. To provide accurate and authentic information, we should control the achievements in the budding form.
        Shopping mall security
        Responsibilities: Reflect on the fire protection and public security situation of each merchant, stop persuading, correcting and stopping the illegal behavior of the merchant; Reflect on the certificates of the merchant decoration construction and decoration personnel; Do a good job of fire prevention and theft prevention in the shopping mall; Maintain the order of parking lot.
        Residential security
        Responsibilities: Serve the owners of the community, do a good job in the maintenance and security tasks of the community sequence.
        Enterprise security
        Responsibilities: Management company parking space and in and out of vehicles, maintain and adhere to the company's enterprise good abstraction, do a good job of external anti-fire and anti-theft tasks.
        Inside guard
        Responsibilities: Management inventory of incoming and receiving factory goods, vehicle management in and out, cancellation of entry and exit personnel at factory gates, maintenance of safety sequence in factory workshops and anti-theft tasks.
        Activity security
        Responsibilities: Maintaining the sequence of activities and competitions on the spot, serving as the personal safety of activists, fire safety and anti-theft tasks on the spot, to ensure the smooth stop of activities.
        School security
        Responsibilities: To be a teacher of the school (kindergarten) and to be safe outside the school. As a school fire safety, part-time school security as a hydropower task.
        In summary, all the above-mentioned information provided by Xinjiang Special Security International Co., Ltd. would like to know more about Urumqi Security Company's affiliation knowledge. Welcome to our website: http://www.resilientgardener.com. Thank you for your support!


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