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      2. 新聞動態


        Now, we can see the different positions of the security personnel in Beijing security companies, including security patrol, monitoring, parking lot security guard Shi Baoan, security and so on, each job has its own responsibilities, and should work for different people and close cooperation, and maintain good communication and exchanges, so as to it can ensure the relevant residents, staff and other personnel's personal safety and property safety.
        Two. The security personnel in the monitoring room need to monitor all the monitors in the video room, and observe and track the suspicious persons and suspicious activities from them.
        Three, monitoring room security personnel will be in Beijing security company through a series of training, to understand the monitoring process found in the emergency situation, what measures should be taken to deal with or deal with. Security personnel must through monitoring, and take effective measures to prevent further deterioration of.
        Four, if in the monitoring process were found to be a warning signal of fire or other accidents, must inform the leadership and patrol security personnel in the first time, and check the relevant alerts, until the allclear.
        Five, security monitoring room will need to adhere to the environmental health of the work tends to do well, and carefully fill in the shift table, important events, the day of the keys, walkie talkie and related equipment are required to record and account.
        Before six, in succession and Beijing security personnel to complete the shift, security personnel can not leave without authorization, and in the usual monitoring picture, also need to monitor on duty security personnel, is not employed during the different disciplinary actions, such as smoking, playing mobile phone or reading the newspaper and so on. Found that this situation, monitoring security must be through walkie talkie, the first time to remind the discipline security personnel or other staff.


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